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Attorney Profile

Terry L. Smith has provided quality service throughout Washington for several years. Terry graduated from Law school in December of 1996 and was admitted to the Washington State bar on July 7th 1997.

He moved to Whidbey Island shortly after and served as the Island County Public Defender for a year before he opened his own private practice in Freeland, where he has spent the last 12 years practicing the law.

Terry is currently a member of the:

  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Washington Defenders Association

Terry L. Smith does more courtroom work and DUI defense in Island County then anyone else.

Terry L. Smith has defended clients in dozens of Jury Trials.

At the office of Terry L. Smith we will present you with,

The knowledge and the know how when it comes to your civil rights
While providing,
Quality legal service, one client at a time.


Terry L. Smith
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