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Don't let a shoddy employer get away with personal injury. If you had an accident at your workplace, it is the duty of your employer to take care of your medical and living needs. No matter whose fault it is, if you were injured while doing your job, you are entitled to workers' compensation. Protect the rights of yourself and that of others by getting the compensation you deserve.

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We have your best interests in our mind. We give you quality legal advice from the beginning, so that your rights are well protected from the start. Get the justice you deserve. Call our toll FREE number now to schedule your consultation.  

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If your employer is denying or delaying the benefits you need and deserve, don't hesitate to take legal action. You're entitled to workers' compensation no matter how big or small the injury you've suffered is. Our qualified legal team can guide you to get your compensation claim back on track. Edward Martindale Jr. Attorney At Law has years of experience dealing with workers' compensation cases, which helps us to anticipate your needs better.

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Call at your convenience for all on-the-job injuries. When you hire us, you get over 25 years of personal injury experience on your side. If the injury at your job leads to permanent disability, we'll legally represent you to get your Social Security Disability claims filed. We'll settle your workers' compensation case quickly and reliably, so that you can move forward with life. Every second counts. Schedule your consultation with our attorney today.    

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